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"Different types of skis have emerged at various regions at about the same time. One suggested original inventors of skis seem to be the people of the Sayan Mountains in Asia. This is not verified. Also skis may have been used in Europe during and after the ice age. All in all there are three different types of skis in the North of Europe and Asia:
  • The Southern type has a horizontal toe-piece binding. One can distinguish the Fennoscandian type and the Russo-Baltic type. Modern ski bindings are based on the Fennoscandian model of the 19th century. The bindings of Telemark ski were developed from this type.
  • Eastern Siberian type is a thin board with a vertical four-hole binding. Sometimes it is covered with fur.
  • There is still another type. It has a horizontal stem-hole binding. One can distinguish between the types used by Lapps (and some other Fenno-ugrics) and a type used in Central and Northern Siberia. Cross-country skis were developed from the type used by the Lapps."

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"Cross-country skiing (commonly abbreviated XC skiing) is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles. It is popular in many countries with large snowfields, primarily Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and the upper midwest United States.[[#cite_note-Rees3-9-0|[1]]] Skiing can also be done indoors in ski tunnels."


"A downhill is an alpine skiing discipline. The rules for the downhill were originally developed by Sir Arnold Lunn for the 1921 British National Ski Championships.
"Downhill skiing" is also commonly a term synonymous with "alpine skiing" to denote the sport and recreational activity of alpine skiing in general.
More generally, the term may be used in any sport involving the speedy descent of a hillside. Examples include snowboarding, mountain biking, different skateboarding variants, such as street luge and longboarding, freebording and mountain boarding and even municycling. However, this article only focuses on the regular alpine skiing event named downhill."


"Freestyle skiing acrobatic form of [[w/index.php?title=Trick_skiing&action=edit&redlink=1|technical]] and aerial skiing. It is organized into a number of different disciplines, although there are no impartial authorities for managing the sport internationally.
Freestyle skiing first began to be taken seriously in the 1960s and early 1970s, when it was often known as "riding on planks of wood." Bob Burns pioneered this style in Sun Valley, Idaho beginning in 1965 .[[#cite_note-0|[1]]] In the late 1960s other followers of the style included Wayne Wong, Roger Evans, John Clendenin, Bob Salerno, and Tom Leroy. Some people thought that this style of skiing was too dangerous and did not want it to be an Olympic sport. The free-form sport had few rules and was not without danger; knee injuries became a common phenomenon for professional freestylers."
-Wikipedia Brandon Pratt by teched5

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