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The first step to building a house is clearing the land and leveling it. Then you have to dig out an area for the foundation to be layed and poured. Once you have poured the foundation and let it dry you start framing out the house with wood (workers framing). Once that is done you put on wood on the framing on the out side
(house almost completely framed) once done the work on the inside starts. The all the windows and outside doors go in. First wiring and plumbing pipes and dranige goes in then the instalation. once that is complete You put up your drywall. After that you put up special tape that covers the screws and the area were the 2 pieces meet. Then you paint the walls the color of your choice. After all the walls are painted lay the floors down. The painting step and the floor step could be reversed depending on the person but if you spill the paint your floors are ruined. Then all the interior doors go in. Then all the cabinets get put in. After that all the plumbing is connected to sinks, toilets, showers, ect. Then the appliances go in to the kitchen.
The outside work could have started after the windows and outside doors are installed. The outdoor work would have started with the siding to the house. The next thing would be shingling the roof. Then the driveway is paved. Next the walkway is laid along with patios. Then the last and final step is all the landscaping (grass, plants, and ground cover. Then you have a house.
Building a house is not as simple as it may seem. There are lots of building codes that have it happen in order for the house to become legal. If you are building a house to sell there are many things to consider like how good are the schools in the area? Is there a possibility of land development in the future? Is it in a disired location? Is it close to a highway? All of these could make or brake a sale. A sale is the way you get paid unless someone had you build the house.
Choosing the right builder to build your house (if you aren't building it) is very important because not all builders do it correctly. Make sure they/you get permits to build the house and make sure they are state license and are insured. Research the company first before getting them to build your house. See what they have done in the past and if there are any complants.

Foundation laying
Poured foundation
Workers framing
Roof framers
House almost completely framed

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