hip-hip is one of the hardest dance styles out there.

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Hip-Hop is one of the hardest dance styles. Hip hop was
a style of dance made from breakdancing, breakdancing is
low to the ground or usually on the floor. The
majority of hip hop dance
is standing up.
B-boying is a style of dance that is often referred to as breaking.It
is a dance on the floor or in the air. There are four different types of
b-boying let me explaine two of the four. The first type is called toprock,
toprock is break dancing but standing up.Downrock is another type of
breakdancing but it is performed hands and feet mainly feet work but
there is also hand work.


This is a guy down rocking. this is a type of brea dancing.
There is a lot of spinning and posing like this picture is

This would be someone top rocking. Top rocking is
breakdancing on your hands and doing handsyands
flips and cartwheels. Seeing people do top rock is
not that common but it makes a dance unforgettable.